Ticker, ‘not-so-smart’ wireless companion to drop off around your house. Stay connected, but off the phone.

Ticker syncs with your social accounts and favorite online services, delivering personal messages, notifications, real-time content and insights about your digital life.

It applies machine learning to understand who you are, how you feel, what you do and what you like. We prefer to call it companion, rather than assistant, and no, it doesn't talk...

Simply Ask

Ticker Sound is voice-enabled

Ticker understands what you say

Such a Character

How would you like your Ticker to be?

Ticker loves great conversational gambits

Compare models

Choose the Ticker that best fits your lifestyle.
It comes in two lengths, 12 or 16 inches.
Always on the go or small apartment? Ticker Mini is for you.
Choose Ticker Sound to add music streaming,
voice recognition and hands-free voice calls.

Ticker Mini

12 inches Display

from $129


16 inches Display

from $149

Ticker Sound

16 inches Display

from $169


Syncs with your phone


Up to 24 hours


Natural interactions


Display offline content


Feel the vibe


Check your environment

Voice enabled**

Simply ask


Listen to music

Tweaks and Tricks

Companion app to fine tune your Ticker

Ticker is almost ready.
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